Tower 21

Tower 21 is our sister organization that was founded back in 2008.  We helped create Tower 21 as a separate non-profit 501c3, to specifically focus on helping individuals who are in active addiction who want to find a life in active recovery.  And individuals who are trying to reenter our society from some sort of incarceration: jail, prison, work-release, half-way house, etc.  

People need hope and people need someone to believe in them.  We all make mistakes and people in addiction or reentry believe they cannot get over or through their mistakes.  Our God is a God of redemption and can redeem any situation.  Regardless of what has happened to us, regardless of what we have done to ourselves, we need to know that life can be different.  

Tower 21 is a community of people who can help because we have been there ourselves. We can not only help carry the load of your burden, but empower you to get out from underneath it. All of us have the ability to change. We can grow. We don’t have to remain where we are. At Tower 21 we believe our past may describe our history, but it does not determine our future. Come let us help you discover a new Experience More, Become More

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