State Armory Event Center 

The Greeley Armory’s design was based on a standard plan by architect John J. Huddart and modified for Greeley by Sidney Frazier. This building served as a National Guard training center for 37 years. During the 1930s and 1940s, the armory hosted USO dances and a vaudeville theater. The building was the scene of traveling shows, Saturday night fights, and professional wrestling matches. In 1959 Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church then used the building as a youth center. The Boy’s Club of Greeley, organized in 1962, was also an occupant in later years. 

In 1978 the State Armory was sold the Grand American Fair Restaurant Chain.  The State Armory Bar and Grill became a very famous bar in the area.  Thousands of people have lots of memories of the State Armory Bar and Grill and many people have no memory of the evening spent at the State Armory.  The Armory was a hang out favorite of many including the Denver Broncos.  Bands such as Big Head Todd and the Monsters and 311 played on this stage.  

On December 31, 2006 the State Armory closed.  In 2009 the contents of the building were auctioned off and later that year Greeley’s Historic Preservation Commissioned placed the State Armory on the Greeley Historic Register.

On April 1, 2012, Waypoints Faith Community and Tower 21, signed a long term lease with Thomas and Tyler, and remodeling began.  The building was remodeled and brought up to code.  The agencies received their occupancy permits in late September 2012 and reopened the Armory in early October.  In 2014 they received an award from the Greeley Historic Preservation Commission for their work in restoring the Historic State Armory for community events.  

Also in 2014 Waypoints created the State Armory Event Center, so other people can rent and enjoy the space, we call our home.  Need a really cool place to host your event?  Check out their website.