Life Guards

We take people's safety seriously at Waypoints.  We believe people trust their wellbeing to us physically as well as spiritually.  Because of that we have our Lifeguards.  This is a ministry group that is focused on providing for the physical health and safety of our community.  

This team is working every time we have a worship gathering.  There is a team member who is the Medic for the night certified in first aid, CPR, and AED machine.  There is a team member who is the Fire Marshall for the night making sure in case of a fire or weather emergency all the exits are clear and accessible, plus they are the point person if any such emergency would happen.  There is a team member who is the 911 Caller/Runner who is responsible for communication between 911, emergency responders, and our team in any situation.  There is a team member who is Security for the night.  They are responsible for personal safety.  They will respond and handle any situation where safety is threatened.  Finally there is a member of team who is the Team Lead for the night.  They are in charge of coordinating the team for the night. 

If you are interested in becoming part of this team and being trained in these areas please contact Preston or Dan.