Preston is the resident Computer Geek Elder. Without him we would be unplugged from the world. He has played the drums in the Worship Team and has ran the sound board. He is married to his friend and loving wife, Crystal. He has two daughters, Caitlyn and Logyne. He works for LSC Communications (27 years) as an IT Manager and has his own computer business, PK Computers, INC. He toured briefly playing the drums with Danny Derail and the Steam Train. The extended Reid family includes horses, a goat, sheep, dogs, and cats. Preston loves working on the “Reid Ranch.”

In the summer of 2019, Preston, Crystal and Logyne moved to Kelley, IA to an acreage. A job opportunity for Crystal with the USDA drew us out to Iowa.

Being in Iowa, Preston now mixes the sound remotely for the Waypoint’s online community, monitors and participates in the online chats during the Friday night service, and helps with security. He continues to be a part of Waypoints even with the distance.

Preston spent 11 years coaching his daughter Caitlyn in fast pitch softball. They traveled all over Colorado and the nation playing in tournaments. His youngest daughter, Logyne, just started softball and is enjoying school, riding horses, and playing on the acreage.