Justin is the one of our Teaching Elders here at Waypoints.  He also overseas our Youth.  He married his high-school sweetheart, Lindsey. They have four little girls, Afton, Charlie, Mykah, and Ginny.  Justin is a Colorado native and couldn’t imagine life anywhere else.

One of his greatest joys, outside of his kids, is helping people find their true passion in life and helping them work towards the lives they dream about.  To that end, he has worked with local non-profits teaching relationship classes and is currently the executive director of our sister organization, Tower 21.

One thing that Justin truly enjoys is playing his guitar on the Worship Team. If you ever stop in to see them play, he is usually rocking his blue Fender Stratocaster which he loves almost as much as his wife (it’s even rumored that he kissed it one New Years instead of her).