Our men are very active in our community. We have weekly small groups, monthly breakfasts, and annual retreats. We believe in each other deeply and fight for each other and our community no matter the cost.

Every Friday morning we meet at 6:30 AM at Cranford Cove in downtown Greeley. We meet for an hour. We share life, pray for one another, and wrestle through different topics. Currently we are wrestling through Mark Batterson's Play the Man .

Every man is a warrior inside. The choice to fight is his own.
— John Eldredge


The first Saturday of each month we gather at Butter's Restaurant in Greeley for breakfast. We share life as we share a meal together. We call this time "A Band of Brothers." The term, "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers," comes from a line in the famous speech in Henry V in Shakespeare's classic play (Act 4, sc. 3). This speech was given by King Henry of England to motivate and rally his tired and worn out army that was being called upon to enter a relentless battle against the French. Shakespeare's King Henry cast a vision with his call to battle - convincing his men that fighting in this noble cause was worth their very lives. His speech convinces his men that they did not want to miss out on a battle that would be talked about through the ending of the world!


We love our annual retreat where we get away for a few days up in the mountains to seek God together and deepen our relationships with each other.