Waypoints Leadership

Waypoints is lead by a plurality of Elders.  We believe that is how the early church lead individual communities, so that is the model we follow.  Waypoints is current lead by eight elders.  They are listed below in alphabetical order of first name.  


David Estreich 

David is one of our newest Elders here at Waypoints.  David has been at Waypoints for over 10 years.  When David first came to us he was wrapped up in his addiction, but through coming to faith, the loving support of the community, and hard work on David's part, he is free from his addiction.  

David and his wife Shawna are both currently attending Denver Seminary and working on their Masters degrees in counseling.  They both hope to be graduated and licenses counselors within the next year.  Once attaining their degrees they will be partnering with Tower 21 to hope people find freedom from their addictions.  

David is passionate about helping people find the hope and purpose in life that he has.  

You can email David at david@waypoints.church

Hilary Hartwig

Hilary is also one of our newest Elders.  She has been a part of the Waypoints family for over 8 years.    Hilary found her way to Waypoints through our work with the Work Release program here in Weld County.  She quickly fell in the love the community and brought her husband Mark (along with their three boys) to become a part of our family.  

Hilary is currently the program director of our sister organization Tower 21 and on staff with our other sister organization The Galley.  She has a heart for those individuals who find themselves in the criminal system and works alongside them to successfully reenter society and find the life they were created to live.  

In addiction to mentoring, life skill classes, and helping to lead our women's ministries, Hilary has a passion for yoga and teaches people how to calm their minds and seek God's leading through Holy Spirit lead yoga.   

You can email Hilary at hilary@tower21.org

Justin Kleinsoge

Justin is the one of the two Teaching Elders here at Waypoints.  He also leads our Youth Group.  He married his high-school sweetheart, Lindsey.  They have four little girls, Afton, Charlie, Mykah, and Ginny.  Justin is a Colorado native and couldn’t imagine life anywhere else.

One of his greatest joys, outside of his kids, is helping people find their true passion in life and helping them work towards the lives they dream about.  To that end, he has worked with local non-profits teaching relationship classes and is currently the executive director of our sister organization, Tower 21.

One thing that Justin truly enjoys is playing his guitar on the Worship Team. If you ever stop in to see them play, he is usually rocking his blue Fender Stratocaster which he loves almost as much as his wife (it’s even rumored that he kissed it one New Years instead of her).

You can email Justin at justin@waypoints.church

Lindy Welch

Lindy is part of the founding team of Waypoints.  Her and her husband Todd helped found our community back in 2003.  Lindy also heads our Worship leader.  She is the mom to CJ (and his wife Mandi) and Ben - the two best things she ever did in her life.

When she’s not hanging out at Waypoints or with her family she is teaching music and drama at Dayspring Christian Academy to Middle and High School students. She is anticipating a large jewel on her crown when she arrives in heaven for putting up with middle schoolers day after day.

She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a degree in Music Education and loves watching the Huskers play but really wishes they would televise her favorite part of the game - the Marching Band!  She is currently attending Colorado State University working on her Masters Degree in Music Therapy.  She is excited to see how God is going to open doors for that in her future.

She is deeply devoted to the people God brings her way and is always in awe at how much He has taught her about herself and others while being a part of Waypoints.

Email Lindy at lindy@waypoints.church

Monte Hein

Monte is has been one of the solid rocks for our community for several years.  He, his wife Sheri, their son Ricky, and daughter Maddi, have been a part of  Waypoints for over a decade.  Monte is also the president of the board of our sister organization The Galley.   

Monte moved to Greeley in 1986 after graduating Sterling High school in 1984. He was the service manager of Weld County Garage Truck City and worked for that company since 1986, but recently heard God calling him on to a new adventure.  He has joined the leadership team over at Rennstall Classic Cars.

If you can't find Monte he is probably out racing some sort of motorized vehicle.  He has enjoyed competing in many different forms of racing including jet skis, sprint cars, motocross, high performance, classic cars, pretty much anything that moves.  

Email Monte at monte@waypoints.church

Pam Welch

Pam has been with a part of Waypoints since the beginning.  She and her husband Ron, have been married a very, very long time (45+yrs.) and are both now retired.  They have four kids together and four grandkids, and hopefully someday some great grandkids.  

Pam loves to cook and is spiritually gifted in it, ask anyone.  Her love for cooking and her passion to serve other is the reason that she is the Executive Director of our sister organization The Galley.  The Galley along with Waypoints are currently serving 325+ meals a week.

She was born and raised in Nebraska but Colorado has been her home now for over 20 years.  If Pam isn't in the kitchen she is usually at one of our grandkids events or traveling with Ron.  She says the best part of being retired is that she now has the luxury of being able to choose what, where, and when she spends her time and she is very busy and involved in doing the things that she loves.

Email Pam at pam@waypoints.church 

Preston Reid

Preston is the resident computer Geek Elder.  Without him we would be unplugged from the world.  He enjoys playing the drums in the Worship Team or running the sound board.  He is married to his loving wife Crystal. He two daughters, Caitlyn and Logyne.  He works for RR Donnelley as a Systems Administrator and has his own computer business, PK Computers, INC.

A few years back he and Crystal bought some land outside of Pierce, where they have grown the family to include horses, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and other assorted animals.  He loves working on the "Reid Ranch."  He also enjoys “prepping” horses for his wife’s horse shows in the summer.

Preston spent 11 years coaching his daughter Caitlyn in fast pitch softball. They have traveled all over Colorado and the nation playing in tournaments.  His youngest daughter, Logyne, is growing quickly and keeps him on his toes.

Email Preston at preston@waypoints.church 

Todd Welch

Todd is the founding Elder of Waypoints.  He is also the main teaching Elder.  Todd is married to the love of his life, Lindy, for almost 30 years.  He has two boys C.J. and Ben.  He finally got a daughter with C.J. and Mandi got married.   

Todd loves to teach and when he is not teaching at Waypoints he is teaching at Dayspring.  For the last 18 years Todd was on the football field coaching on his "boys."  Todd took a break from football last season, we will see if that lasts. 

Todd can’t sit still, some would call it too much caffeine. Todd serves on several non-profit boards and other service boards in Greeley and Weld County and has been recognized for his leadership.  He is also the founder and President of Tower 21, our sister organization.

He has his Bachelors degree from Wayne State Collage in Theater, History, and Coaching. He has his Masters Degree from Denver Seminary.

Email Todd at todd@waypoints.church