There are so many questions about Jesus and so many different opinions. Here is what we believe about Jesus found in the Bible.

First God created humanity because of His great love for us. God has a high belief in humanity and created us to live a life of purpose. Our first parents Adam and Eve chose to try to find meaning and purpose outside of God. God is life itself, so their actions lead to death. That original sin taint each of us. Inside each of us is this desire to be self centered and selfish. To make choices that lead to death: an emotional, mental, relational, and ultimately a physical death. The world around you is created by the world within you. When our hearts have not found peace, we become filled with the darkest expressions of ourselves.

God never made us to live that way. God would not allow death to have the last word in our lives, so out of his great love for us He sent His Son Jesus. The author of life became one of His creations, He spent 3 years walking the earth revealing the Heart of His Father in Heaven by healing the sick, forgiving sin and casting out demons. Jesus loved us so much that He chose to be crucified to pay the price for our sin. He chose to become marred, bruised and battered beyond description – more than any of the sons of man. So badly beaten that he became unrecognizable.

So why did He do that? Why did the beating have to be so bad and the death have to be so brutal? Because after sin got done with us, we did not look anything like we were created to be. So He took on that identity so we could get back to our original value. Thats intimate and powerful, that is why we don’t ever have to doubt that he loves us, no matter what anyone says or what happens in life. He loves us, He loves you, And He paid the ultimate price for you.

He died so that you would live

He was beaten so you would be unbeatable

He was bound so you would be free

Jesus dies so that you can be restored to who you were created to be. Your history may describe your past, but it does not determine your future when Jesus enters the pictures.

Without Jesus’ love, we become critical. Without Jesus’ sacrifice, we become selfish. Without Jesus’ grace, we become legalists. Without Jesus’ direction, we become driven by opinion. Without Jesus’ values, we care about all the wrong things. Without Jesus’ wisdom, we become unbalanced. Without Jesus’ passion, we become boring. Without Jesus’ joy, we become lifeless.

So how do you become free? You simply make a decision. A decision to believe that He is who He says He is. A decision to follow Him and to turn away from your sin life. To choose the new life He died to give you and to follow Him into life and joy and peace. If you want to make this decision, say this prayer and mean it from your heart:

Dear Jesus, I’m praying this prayer because I know that without you I can do nothing right. I have tried it my way and it has lead to death, just as you warned me. I am sorry, please forgive me for my sins. I accept your love and grace for me and ask that you would be my Lord. Help me believe in you and love you every day, and help me to show the world what you are like and how great your love is.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you prayed this prayer or if you have questions about this all or if you need or desire support in this new life, we would love to come along side you, teach you, guide you and help you get connected to God and to other people that have made the same decision as you have. Simply fill in this form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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