Street Light

Too many times people look at individuals who are homeless and simply think, “get a job.”  They have no understanding of what circumstances caused that person to be in this situations.  They also don’t understand the overwhelming barriers that are placed in a persons way to regain or attain for the first time a different life.  Not everyone who lives on the street are there by choice and those who choose this lifestyle are still human beings who need and deserved to be treated with kindness and respect.          

Street Light is a ministry of Waypoints Faith Community focused on meeting the needs of our homeless community.  Whether a person chooses to live on the streets or wants to better their situation they need three basic things to move forward.  

First legal identification.  For any person to find a job or apply for services they need a Colorado issued ID or drivers license, Social Security card, and a birth certificate.  It’s a difficult process to get these identifications, especially if you live on the street and do not have an address. 

Second a shower.  Many people take a shower everyday and take a daily shower for granted.  For a person to apply for a job or go to a job interview they need a shower.  For a person to live a healthy life, they need a shower.  Good personal hygiene is essential to keeping good health.  Many gyms, rec centers, and places with shower facilities do not allow homeless people to use them or put the cost so high that they can’t afford them.  Being able to take a shower is a basic human need and right.  

Third laundry.  Living on the streets in the elements create a difficult and dirty situation when it comes to sleeping bags, blankets and clothing items.  Being able to have clean clothes is not only key to good personal hygiene, but essential for a person wanting to better their situation.  

These three issues are crucial for people on the street to survive and to thrive.