Online Giving

At Waypoints we try really hard not to focus on money. In fact we don't even pass the offering plate, we simply have two small joy boxes up front for anyone who would like to support our community. We believe people spend money on what they find to be important. Those of us who find God, His work, and our community important in their lives will spend money in that direction. Our pocketbooks reflect what we find to be important.

At Waypoints we simply say at the end of our gatherings: "if you believe in Waypoints, if this is your home, if you believe in the vision in which Jesus has given us, then will you please invest in our future, by partnering with us financially. If you would like to do that, I have some good news for you, there are two joy boxes up front."

So if you believe in Waypoints and would like to invest in our future, please click the "give" button below.